Sounds recorded in Rome
Field recordings from various wanderings
A collaboration with Pat Badt for Soft Machine Gallery celebrating our favorite highway
Transformations of an eccentric object with time-lapsed audio of the afternoon in the orchard
A sound installation through out the Zoellner Art Center at Lehigh University using the ambient sounds and re-presenting them in their spaces
Installation in Castle of Evoramonte, Portugal with Pat Badt
8-channel sound work mixed down to stereo
A prehistoric site in Puglia-- eight channel sound and video projection.
Mixed down to stereo...
A soundwalk along the Jordan Creek. This work was created in 8 channel surround, but mixed down to stereo.
Sounds of movement in a three-dimensional space-- a sound work in 8-channels. I got this toy a long time ago.
Field recordings of Rondini, the swallows, that swoop around the Cathedral of Otranto. All sounds are from the birdcalls. Created as an 8-channel work and installation in the Castle of Otranto as part of the Bau Residency.
8 channel sound work (mixed down to stereo) and video projection. From field recordings New York City Reservoir in ambisonic surround.
Roomtones from the new Whitney Museum of Art
5 Steel Stele, contact mic recordings of steel pillars supporting the studio building at Lafayete College in 5-channel evolving sound work.
Exhibition 8-channel audio at Martin Art Gallery
4-channel installation with custom speakers at Katonah Museum of Art
An outdoor installation using the wind, cables, metal conduit, security tape, and piezos. The piece was installed in the livestock stables on the county fairgrounds.
The Pigpen Project used ambient recorded sounds from the livestock barn on the Allentown Fairgrounds in 4 channles and mixed them with processed live sound.
A collaborative project with painter, Pat Badt. Field recordings were made within empty Friends Meetinghouses and these roomtones are played on each player. The ambient colors of the interiors are generated along with the roomtones when the CD disks spin.