Rome Sounds

Sounds recorded in Rome. Many of these sounds will be further developed into an immersive sound environment.
Location: Soundwalk, Fountains at American Academy in Rome (binaural)
Binaural Field Recording

A walk into and within the McKim, Meade, White building at the American Academy in Rome, and then to Villa Chiaraviglio. Binaural, so best to use headphones!

Space: S.Q.R.
Ambisonic Sound

Processed field recordings from basilica and cloister in Rome. Ambisonic file for 12 channel immersive listening. This is a binaural stereo version, please use headphones.
Space: Motorcycle on Via Angelo Masina
Ambisonic Sound

Made from field recordings on Via Angelo Masina in Rome. Gaston Bachelard writes about transforming the sound of traffic to the waves of the ocean to help him fall asleep. The motorcycles on Via Angelo Masina were keeping me awake. In ambisonic sound for immersive installation. This is a binaural stereo version for headphone listening.

Location: Sound Walk - Rome spaces
Field Recording

A sound walk through some of the extraordinary spaces of Rome. Recorded with Zoom H3-VR, Sennheiser Ambeo Binaural, and Sony D100 and M10. Please listen with headphones-- some quiet sounds.
Shape: Palazzo Farnese (audio for sculture)

This is sound for a scupture based on the dimensions of the Hercules Room in the Palazzo Farnese in Rome. The impulse response of the room is used to model the resonances.